Green Value Associates (GVA) is an investment management and advisory services boutique focusing on originating, assessing and managing sustainable real estate investments eligible for third party finance. It operates as a collaborative professional network of independent subject-matter experts. It consists of a core executive team, who is responsible for day-to-day operations, and also work on client projects based on their area of expertise. 

GVA maintains a network of associates, who support its client project work on a contractual basis. Its associates are of different professional seniority, expertise and background. GVA's associates have direct experience among other in sustainable real estate investment, public private partnerships, renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy management, energy brokerage, carbon reduction and alternative investments.

GVA also sustains a network of corporate partners like engineering consultants as well as energy monitoring service providers. GVA keeps business relationships with specialised consultancies, equipment vendors, ESCos and EPC contractors. GVA works also closely with investors and other financial institutions, who are interested in sustainable real estate and energy efficiency projects.

Green Value Associates maintains offices in London and Athens.

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